Saturday, March 19, 2011

Senior Advisory Board

City Commissioner, John Sims, was able to put the item of a new Senior Advisory Board on the City Commission Agenda. The vote was unanimous to approve it.

The Mayor and each Commissioner was permitted to appoint two residents to the Board. The Mayor only had one appointment so the Board is short one member. Let us hope she appoints her second member at the next Commission Meeting.

The Senior Advisory Board will hold its first meeting at 6 PM on Wednesday, March 23, at the Swim and Tennis Center on Stirling Road.

The meeting is open to any residents to attend.

We are very happy that the Senior residents of Cooper City will have a group, The Senior Advisory Board, to work on their behalf to enhance their recreation, trips, educational opportunities as well as determine how to get the Shuttle Bus back into operation and the Meals on Wheels Program back on track. We have approximately 3,000 Seniors living in Cooper City therefore the City must provide them with activities to get them out of their homes and interested in other activities.

These twelve Board members will have plenty to keep them busy but they will have to establish an order of importance to these issues and go from there. They will absolutely do it!

We congratulate the Senior Advisory Board members for being so generous with their time and efforts on behalf of the Senior Residents of Cooper City. The rewards will be huge and numerous!

We look forward to seeing their achievements!

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