Monday, August 11, 2014

City Commission Pay Raise Survey

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cooper city seeks to support the School board?

To Mr. & Mrs. Cooper City Taxpayer,

At first glance most of us are favorably inclined to the concept of diverting $100k towards schools for computer. The needs having been described by the head school janitor as urgently needed. Upon further contemplation not as favorably disposed towards the idea for some reasons I will convey to you.

While the idea of better computers sounds good, the proposed gift ignores that school funding is strictly a state & county function, with additional federal funds thrown in.  You will soon receive a notice, the TRIM Notice, AKA, notice of proposed property taxes. Review it closely and you will see that the amount you will probably pay to the school board is greater than your city tax bill for two reasons. The millage is greater and the amount of exemption is less thus a larger bill in most cases for the average homeowner.

There is also the question of the funding of school activities by a municipal government. While it is true in some areas of the country there are municipalities that are responsible for funding of the school system. However, given the structure of the school system in Florida the school board is a county level function will state funding as well as federal funds to the state/local school board. It is noteworthy that the Broward School System is the 2nd largest in the country. Given these facts I find no sound legal or logical basis for municipal funding a requirement or even necessity that city taxes need be appropriated to the public schools.

The growth of charter schools both private and public does give rise to the question of funding and this is particularly true in Pembroke Pines. And we have watched that over the years and I am not sure that we can look to that as answer to enhancing the public school system in a municipality. I would wonder what the reaction is to all of this for parents who fund our public schools but receive not consideration for sending their kids to the non-public funded education systems.

The public schools are funded through direct taxes paid by property owners to the Broward Schools System. It now appears as though the Cooper City Commission has inserted into the budget a gift, that’s right Bertha, a gift of $100,000 to fund obtaining computers. The exact reason is not being made very clear. Is it for additional computers for testing or for day to day usage or for other reasons?

Apparently this gift request was made by the principal of the high school on behalf of the five public schools in Cooper City. No mention of the charter or private schools was included. This is occurring in the same time frame as the efforts of the school board to ramp up support of the $800 million bond issue to be paid by the property owners of Broward. (Sources knowledgeable on this indicate that a substantial portion will be directed to payment of the previous indebtedness of the school board.)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thank you for your support!

Thank You Cooper City and the Cooper City Civic Group! I would like to personally give many thanks to you, your family and your friends for all of your past hard work and your current support for my 2014 re-election campaign. The support from 'The People' and business owner’s like you, will undoubtedly give us another overwhelming victory in keeping Cooper City 'Someplace Special'! The result is that I will again have the honor and distinction to continue to serve as your ‘Go To’ Commissioner in Cooper City!

With your perseverance, resources, friends, neighbors, donations, dedication, time and faith in me, you made our vision a reality, which is getting Cooper City back on the right track. I never could have done any of this up to this point without you, and your generous support.

Now, once again, I pray that I will be able to continue the work of The People in Cooper City. Just as I have always maintained, my primary focus remains on reducing the burden of government on small business owners, to fight the fraud, unnecessary spending, raising of taxes and waste at all levels of government that waste your hard earned taxpayer dollars, and to continue to positively lead our city in a direction, and to grow the entrepreneurial spirit that will improve our local economy and in turn, create more local jobs.

Cooper City still faces many challenges, but a new day has again come. Together, I know that we will continue to do great things with your support and your faith in my ability to lead us in a new and positive direction.

If there is anything you need or if you have any issues, please feel free to contact me, your ‘Go To’ commissioner.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! And, THANK YOU for your vote and support on Tuesday, November 4th, 2014! The victory is YOURS!

Best regards,

Commissioner John Sims
(954) 445-6997

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Palm Avenue Project Cooper City

As a courtesy to our readers we have posted the following notice as it affects a main road of Cooper City.

Broward County Public Works Department HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION AND ENGINEERING DIVISION One N. University Drive, Box B 300 • Plantation, Florida 33324-2038 • 954-577-4555 • FAX 954-357-5715

                              Notice to Residents
Construction Schedule for Improvements to Palm Avenue
             (From Stirling Road to Griffin Road)
               Broward County Project No. 5322
Please be advised that Broward County will be issuing Notice to Proceed (NTP) to the contractor to commence construction activities during the week of May 21, 2012 for the improvements of Palm Avenue between Griffin Road and Stirling Road. The project is scheduled to be completed within 19 months.
The Palm Avenue project will widen the corridor from a two (2) to a four 4-lane divided roadway between Stirling Road and Griffin Road. The improvements include the construction of curb/ gutter, sidewalks, traffic separators, drainage, signalization, illumination system, landscape, irrigation, pavement markings, and water utilities.

The prime contractor for this project is Southeastern Engineering Contractors, Inc., and the field office for the contractor and inspection team is at:

The Centre at Stirling & Palm
 9900 Stirling Road, Suite 200A 
Cooper City, FL 33024.

For any comments or questions that you may have during the construction time of Palm Avenue, please contact the following staff from Broward County Highway Construction & Engineering Division:
Bryan Williams, P.E., Project Manager IV
Construction Engineering Inspection Section
E-mail: Telephone: (954) 577-4562
Julio Gurrea, Project Manager II
Construction Management Section
E-mail: Telephone: (954) 577-4599

 Courtesy of  Commissioner John Sims Cooper City, FL ( 954)-445-6997

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Commissioner spins a Yarn?

Recently an email was circulating based upon the recent article in the DRW magazine by Commissioner Curran in which some comments invoked a strong rebuttal by Cooper City civic activist Ed Wooley. Below you will find his comments published with his permission.

Commissioner Curran’s article sounds like the story put out by the fire tax lobby.

I think that the commissioner is way off base in saying that the taxes we pay to the county, when allocated to BSO, are only used by certain specialized central functions of BSO. They go into the county's general fund and then a percentage goes to the BSO, just as they do in Cooper City.

The county has to fund the total BSO budget that is not funded by the local contracts, any state and federal sources, etc. If, as widely reported, BSO is losing money on its local municipality contracts, then that has to be made up largely from county ad valorem and other taxes/fees of the county that we all pay, including folks and businesses in Cooper City.

Also, his (Commissioner Curran) argument that the city strategy has been to hold down the ad valorem tax rate in Cooper City, while shifting the revenue burden to "users" of individually incurred services and events, doesn't stand up to a little critical thinking and judgment. Evidently, he, Mayor Eisinger and Commissioner Green think that this is fair and equitable.

The Cooper City has been regularly shifting funds out of W&S (Utilities Dept.) and the other enterprise activity profits to the city’s general fund that pay for most governmental services including BSO.

Where is the "user fee' connection between EMS transportation, fire inspections, etc., on the one hand and an individual family's use of water? Where is the fairness and equity in that? Kind of like saying "I'm doing you a favor by not taking more money out of your right pocket because I'm taking more out of your left pocket". It’s the same pair of pants.

Commissioners Curran, Green and the Mayor have all voted to raise the various fire fees/taxes by very large percentages WITHOUT ONE SHRED OF INFORMATION as to the actual costs of such services. That is, for instance, what is the actual added cost of transporting someone from anywhere in Cooper City to Memorial West, turning him over to the hospital staff and returning to the fire station?

No one knows, evidently, because if they had the data and it supported an $850 fee, they would have shown it. It is altogether likely that no one on the commission has either seen such information or, if they have, they do not wish to provide it to the residents.

To think that using 3 paramedics for an hour, a few supplies and a little more gas costs an additional $850 is beyond any kind of stretch. Let's see, that would be about $283 per man-hour! Plus, we have already paid their salaries for their shift to begin with-----whether they make a transport or not! Put another way, on an annual 1,800 hour work-year that would be AN ADDED $509,400 per man-year for each of the 3 paramedics.

This is just price gouging by a monopoly for which the public has no practical alternative. A true monopolistic mentality.

Then, to try to justify it by saying, in effect, that other monopolies in the county are engaging in the same behavior is, frankly, silly and intellectually insulting.

Ed Wooley
Cooper City Resident

Link to DRW article:

Please add your comments.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Drivers Education class in Cooper City

What?                  AARP Driver Safety Class

When?                 Monday, November 14, 2011

Time?                  9:00 am to3 PM

Where?                Cooper City BSO District Office

                             10580 Stirling Road, Cooper City

More Information?

Participants who successfully complete the course will be provided with a certificate for their auto insurance agency. Most agencies will allow for a discount on auto insurance premiums for up to three years.

To Participate you must:                   

                                      Be a Senior 55+
                                      AARP members pay $12.00

                                      Non-AARP members pay $14.00

                                      Bring a bagged lunch

 Contact Larry Bitkower at  954-474-3343 to register

  Please share this information with your friends and neighbors.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cooper City Civic Group Meeting Schedule

The following is the schedule for the meeting this year and for the first half of the next year.

The Cooper City Civic Group Meeting Schedule
For the remainder of 2011

October 20

November 17

December - No Meeting

For 2012

January 19

February 16

March 15

April 19

May 17

The Group meets at the Cooper City Community Center

All residents are invited.

Programs are presented that are intended to inform attendees of the events, issues and other informational items that may be of interest to those in the Cooper City area.

Monday, September 5, 2011

2012 Cooper City Taxation: Is It moral? Is It Good Public Policy

- Bigger % increases on low income families than higher ones?

- Taxing champions --- AGAIN! When people are hurting?
   Leads all Broward tax authorities in the tax increases for residents!

- Bad economics--- how are people to increase spending and job
  creation locally if the Cooper City government takes more of their
  squeezed incomes?

Hard to believe? Yet that is what 4 commission members and some on the staff seem to be supporting.

1. Their tax/fee package will result in those with lower valued homes paying a bigger % increase than those of us with higher valued homes.

A sample of 13 homes shows the following % increases in Cooper City taxes

Market value per Tax Appraiser       % Cooper City                  % increase all other
                                                          tax increase                         Broward govs

$100,000 to $199,999                              6.9                                      (1.8)

$200,000 to $299,999                              4.4                                      (2.1)

$300,000 plus                                         3.2                                      (3.1)

So, Cooper City is raising taxes and fees while the others are decreasing them.

Taxing champions AGAIN! AND, hitting the lower income folks hardest.
Taxes include the normal property taxes and the fire assessment “fee”. Re: the
Fire assessment “fee’: to paraphrase Harry Truman.
"If it is on your tax bill, looks like a tax, is collected like a tax and you pay it with the same check, it’s a tax."

This form of taxation is called regressive taxation, where you hit the lower income people by a higher % than those with higher incomes.

I doubt that 5 % of Americans support this or believe it to be just and moral.

2. Bad economic policy. It is a form of Cooper City economic de-stimulus.
We all know the hard times many of our people face. Governments taking more purchasing power out of the hands of consumers will decrease consumer spending and job creation. It will add its bit to our economic problems. You can count on a major fraction of the tax increase resulting in lower local consumer spending, jobs and sales.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Broward Senior Hall of Fame

May is OLDER AMERICANS MONTH and isn't it lovely that the older residents are recognized and honored in the Month of May!

"The golden days of our lives should be celebrated with the respect and dignity merited by years of service and commitment toward building a beautiful America.

As pioneers of the past, today's seniors paved the paths
to preserve democracy. Many will be our Nation's
role models for the future. They are our heroes forever."

         Edith Schaffer Lederberg, author
         Executive Director, Areawide Council on Aging

This past Friday morning I had the honor and privilege to attend the Broward Senior Hall of Fame Breakfast at Diamante's Banquet Center. Eleven Broward County Seniors were inducted into the Senior Hall of Fame started by Dr. Nan S. Hutchison. This was the twenty-eighth Annual Installation Breakfast. I have been very fortunate in attending a number of them over the years. It is so very moving to see those seniors as they approached the podium to receive their honor for their volunteering in their Communities.

One inductee, Maria Thereza Mayo, used a walker to the podium. A tiny lady with beautiful white hair and a great voice. At 92 years young, she conducts the water aerobic class in her community EVERY day--seven days per week! What a wonderful spirit!

Cooper City's SHINE Volunteer(Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders), Bea Hedigan, was among the eleven who were inducted into this year's Hall of Fame. Bea could not attend, however, her beautiful granddaughter accepted for her. I know Bea was with us in spirit and I am very proud to know Bea and her great work with the Seniors in Cooper City.

Broward County Commissioner Lois Wexler was also inducted. I was very pleased to sit at her table with her, her daughter and friends. I have known Commissioner Wexler for many years during which she has helped me in my endeavors time and time again.

I have had Cooper City friends who were inducted into the Senior Hall of Fame:

1983 Phyllis Werner
1989 Constance J. Senatore
1985 Lillian Hargan
1995 Eleanor Locascio
2011 Bea Hedigan

"And when we see their pride in life
Portrayed by deeds that touch our lives,
Hearts beat in cadence to their march
Into Eternity's Hall of Fame!"

 Edith Schaffer Lederberg, author

Posted by
Gladys Wilson


The Cooper City Civic Group will meet on Thursday, May 19, 7 PM, at the Cooper City  Community Center.

We will have a great guest speaker and serve refreshments.

Everyone is welcome to attend. We look forward to greeting you!

This meeting will be our final Civic Group Meeting of this season.

Meetings will resume in the fall.

Our first fall meeting will be on Thursday, September 15, 2011.

Please mark your calendars!

Have great safe summer.

Gladys Wilson

Thursday, April 14, 2011


The COOPER CITY CIVIC GROUP will meet on Thursday, April 21st at 7 PM at the Community Center.

SENIORS vs CRIME: Our guest speakers will be BSO's Art Santucci, Community Relations, and Cooper City's BSO Community Coordinator and SALT Director, Linda Victor.

The Broward Sheriff's Office has partnered with the Florida Attorney General's Office on a special crime prevention project called Seniors vs Crime. Seniors vs Crime is a benefit to the community, especially the Elderly, who are often targeted for specific crimes based on their age.

The Seniors vs Crime program will be explained to us at the meeting. Not difficult but a really great program in which we can all participate.

BSO is looking for Senior Volunteers to help with the project and educate other Seniors. If you can spare a few hours a week, please contact BSO, Cooper City, 954-441-8330.

Invite your friends, relatives and neighbors to attend this important meeting. Refreshments will be served.


Call Gladys, 954-434-1047 for additional info.

We look forward to seeing you at the Meeting

Gladys Wilson

1st Senior Advisory Board Organizational Meeting

How very exciting for me to attend the first Senior Advisory Board Organizational Meeting held at the Pool and Tennis Center on March 23.

Commissioners Jeff Green and Jamie Curran attended. Commissioner John Sims was in Tallahassee. Frank Casale, Executive Director of Schott Communities, and 18

year member of the Parks and Recreation Board and very long time member of the Optimists, also attended. Also attending were two very fine Cooper City High Seniors who were working on a special school project.

City Manager Bruce Loucks attended, David Wolpin, City Attorney; Lynda Good, Ass't Parks and Recreation Director and Ken Richardson, Parks and Recreation Director, who moderated the meeting until the Chair was chosen.

There were nine of the eleven Board Members present. One absentee was on a pre-arranged vacation. The Mayor has not made her second appointment so the board is short one member.

Noreen Gilman is Chair of the Board, Gail Jaffee is Vice Chair, and Sharon Taylor is the Secretary. Ms. Gilman got busy welcoming the members and then setting up the date for the April Meeting which will be Thursday, April 14 at 7
PM at the Pool and Tennis Center on Stonebridge Pkwy in Rock Creek.

I feel The Seniors of Cooper City are very fortunate to have this fine group of residents sitting on the Senior Advisory Board. The members were enthusiastic and ready to go to work so one can feel confidant that splendid ideas and results will come out of this very important Senior Advisory Board Group.

I wish them the greatest success in their endeavors on behalf of the Cooper City Seniors.

Gladys Wilson

Friday, April 8, 2011


I have wondered and pondered why the seats at the Cooper City Commission Meetings are set back so very far from the lectern and front of the room! Just why would one want the very few nice residents who do attend the meetings to be seated in the "peanut gallery" of the City Hall Auditorium?

We have to remember the room was re-decorated a couple years ago: ugly, cheap rug pieces glued to the floor over that absolutely beautiful terrazzo tile! Some additional paneling and a new non-color eggshell paint job. In my opinion, very nondescript, very bland and lacking any distinctive style or decorating trend. Certainly very non-Florida! Oh! but they did hang the Mayor and Commissioners portraits on the wall--portraits are NOT decoration! The chairs for the audience remain the same very uncomfortable chairs--could it be THEY do not want anyone to attend?

Also, don't forget that there are television cameras hanging from a number of locations in the ceiling of the room! And plenty of lights so the Mayor and Commissioners can be clearly seen on television(Channel 78 or Website simulatanous web cast)!

AH HA! The reason the attending residents are seated in the "peanut gallery" is:

WE MUST NOT BE SEEN BY THE AUDIENCE AT HOME! I guess the Mayor does not want you to know that so very few residents attend the meetings and those who do attend MUST NOT BE SEEN on all those cameras!

Is the Mayor ashamed of us? Do we not pay her salary and her expenses? And give her that microphone and television camera to spread her word throughout the city while the tax paying residents are relegated to the three rows of hard chairs at the extreme back of the room? From my seat in the "peanut gallery", I strongly suggest there is something very wrong with this picture.

Cooper City Residents, you are invited to attend the City Commission Meeting, April 12 at 6 pm to enjoy the great view of the meeting from the "Peanut Gallery". Bring your own bag of peanuts and DO NOT get shells on that precious ugly rug!

Gladys Wilson

Saturday, March 19, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Luncheon

The food was plentiful and delicious and everyone enjoyed their food. The fellowship is always tremendous, too. It was a time to greet all your friends and acquaintenances whom you do not often see.

Patti McGuire is the absolute best hostess we have had since Cindy Healy left. Patti was wearing the green as well as decorating her cheeks and forehead. Patti really gets into the occasion! This is what entertains and charms the folks. We like to see the hostess have fun along with us and Patti does. Her enthusiasm is boundless! And, we might add, since Patti has been our hostess, we have seen the attendance to the luncheons grow by leaps and bounds!! Thank you, Patti!

Senior Advisory Board

City Commissioner, John Sims, was able to put the item of a new Senior Advisory Board on the City Commission Agenda. The vote was unanimous to approve it.

The Mayor and each Commissioner was permitted to appoint two residents to the Board. The Mayor only had one appointment so the Board is short one member. Let us hope she appoints her second member at the next Commission Meeting.

The Senior Advisory Board will hold its first meeting at 6 PM on Wednesday, March 23, at the Swim and Tennis Center on Stirling Road.

The meeting is open to any residents to attend.

We are very happy that the Senior residents of Cooper City will have a group, The Senior Advisory Board, to work on their behalf to enhance their recreation, trips, educational opportunities as well as determine how to get the Shuttle Bus back into operation and the Meals on Wheels Program back on track. We have approximately 3,000 Seniors living in Cooper City therefore the City must provide them with activities to get them out of their homes and interested in other activities.

These twelve Board members will have plenty to keep them busy but they will have to establish an order of importance to these issues and go from there. They will absolutely do it!

We congratulate the Senior Advisory Board members for being so generous with their time and efforts on behalf of the Senior Residents of Cooper City. The rewards will be huge and numerous!

We look forward to seeing their achievements!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011



       March 17 at 7 pm

Cooper City Community Center.

LORI PARRISH, OUR BROWARD COUNTY PROPERTY APPRAISER, will be our guest speaker. Lori always brings us the latest information regarding our property taxes, trends, etc.  We will all have the opportunity to ask questions and you will receive the answers.

Refreshments will be served. 


We look forward to seeing all who can attend.

For further information, please call

Gladys Wilson at 954-434-1047 ..

Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Next Meeting is Next Thursday

The Cooper City Civic Group will meet

Thursday, February 17 at 7 PM

at The Community Center.

Several topics of interest will be discussed.

Our  March 17th's Meeting will have Broward County Property Appraiser Lori Parrish as our guest speaker. 

Lori always answers our questions and provides us with great information.

Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings. 

Refreshments will be served. 

We look forward to seeing you.

Gladys Wilson

Friday, February 11, 2011

Palm Avenue Widening Project


Broward County will begin some tree removals next week on Palm Avenue.  This is part of the overall plan for widening Palm Avenue.  This will mostly be cutting down those trees that are not being relocated.  While there may be some minor impacts to traffic in the immediate work zone while removing a tree, do not expect any significant traffic concerns during this phase of the work.  

The widening of Palm Avenue is a County Project.  Trees that have orange construction fencing around them will be relocated to the property directly south of SW 55th Court.  This area is being developed as a drainage pond and passive park as part of the widening project. 

The trees that are being removed  have been deemed poor candidates for survivability or have root structure involvement with underground utilities.

If you need any additional information please contact Julio Gurrea, Project Manager, Broward County Highway Construction and Engineering Division at 954-577-4599.

Provided to the residents of Cooper City

by Commissioner John Sims, District #1

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Feathered Friends from the North

We have been hearing Geese honking for a couple weeks. They were across 90th Avenu, possibly in the Golf Course, but never in sight.

Finally, I was out walking a dog on 90th and heard them and then saw them. The pair landed on the roof of a house across the Avenue!

The distance was too great to see any distinguishing marks or colors. We just knew they were Geese from their appearance and Honk! Then they took off flying south over the houses and west across 90th Avenue in a side swoop. I could see the glistening white of the wing feathers closer to the body and the long expanse of very black primary feathers along the length of the wing. The color contrast was absolutely unbelieveable.

I pulled out my well worn Golden's Guide to Field Identification of Birds of North America and found the Goose I thought they might be: The Snow Goose, length 19 inches and wingspan 59".

This morning I heard the honking nearby, grabbed my trusty binoculars and raced out to find the Geese. The pair were picking at grass in the swale across the Avenue!

I was able to see the greyish body color of the immature bird, with the black patch on the head and a long patch of white from the forehead to the beak and the white of the mature bird. How beautiful!

Their habitat seems to run a swath of the Prairie States from Mississippi north and west up through Canada and Alaska. Not along the the mid to lower Eastern Coastal States.

We had now heard, seen, identified and enjoyed watching them eat. We hope to see them again. In our 27 years living here, we have not seen or heard these Geese.

Isn't Cooper City lucky to have the Snow Geese spending the winter with us?

Gladys Wilson

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Senior Citizen Advisory Board! At Last

One of the first questions I asked the recently re-elected, newly sworn  City Commissioner John Sims, was "The Seniors need an Advisory Board, can you help us?"  Commissioner Sims attempted for all this time to get it on the Agenda.  Success came on December 14's Agenda.  The Resolution was on Jan. 11's Agenda and it passed!  THANK YOU, COMMISSIONER JOHN SIMS!

I have tried for over ten years to get the City to form a Senior Citizen Advisory Board.  We got the Business Advisory Board, The Education Advisory Board, The Green Board but no Senior Citizen Advisory Board!   This has been a long struggle for Commissioner Sims as well as for myself.  WE GOT IT!

I do not want to be on the Board but will be able to attend their meetings whenever it is convenient for me to do so, and so will all residents be permitted to attend the Board Meetings--all City Board Meetings.

Sandy Miller, Noreen Gilman and I attended the Davie Senior Citizen Advisory Committee(same as Board) on Tuesday.  Their Committee was very professionally handled using Roberts Rules.  The folks were very friendly and helpful to us and  invited us to come back and let them know how we are doing in Cooper City.  We agreed to do so.

The one aspect of the City's Resolution to which I objected was:  limiting the age to be on the Board to no younger than 50.  Commissioner Sims had that removed.  We want residents of all ages to be on the Board.  The energy, ideas and  enthusiasm will come from all members and particularly, if the ages run the gamut.

Each Commissioner will appoint 2 members to the Board for a total of ten.  To be selected, obtain a Resource Form from the City's Website or at City Hall.  Complete the Form and return it to the City Clerk's office at City Hall.  If you are interested in Senior activities, learning experiences, entertainment, trips as well as their transportation and nutrition, we invite you to respond.

Above all, this Senior Citizen Advisory Board should NOT have an iota of politics associated with it.  This Board is  asked to provide the Senior Residents   excellent services and facilities to support a high quality of life in Cooper City.
Gladys Wilson