Friday, April 8, 2011


I have wondered and pondered why the seats at the Cooper City Commission Meetings are set back so very far from the lectern and front of the room! Just why would one want the very few nice residents who do attend the meetings to be seated in the "peanut gallery" of the City Hall Auditorium?

We have to remember the room was re-decorated a couple years ago: ugly, cheap rug pieces glued to the floor over that absolutely beautiful terrazzo tile! Some additional paneling and a new non-color eggshell paint job. In my opinion, very nondescript, very bland and lacking any distinctive style or decorating trend. Certainly very non-Florida! Oh! but they did hang the Mayor and Commissioners portraits on the wall--portraits are NOT decoration! The chairs for the audience remain the same very uncomfortable chairs--could it be THEY do not want anyone to attend?

Also, don't forget that there are television cameras hanging from a number of locations in the ceiling of the room! And plenty of lights so the Mayor and Commissioners can be clearly seen on television(Channel 78 or Website simulatanous web cast)!

AH HA! The reason the attending residents are seated in the "peanut gallery" is:

WE MUST NOT BE SEEN BY THE AUDIENCE AT HOME! I guess the Mayor does not want you to know that so very few residents attend the meetings and those who do attend MUST NOT BE SEEN on all those cameras!

Is the Mayor ashamed of us? Do we not pay her salary and her expenses? And give her that microphone and television camera to spread her word throughout the city while the tax paying residents are relegated to the three rows of hard chairs at the extreme back of the room? From my seat in the "peanut gallery", I strongly suggest there is something very wrong with this picture.

Cooper City Residents, you are invited to attend the City Commission Meeting, April 12 at 6 pm to enjoy the great view of the meeting from the "Peanut Gallery". Bring your own bag of peanuts and DO NOT get shells on that precious ugly rug!

Gladys Wilson

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