Thursday, April 14, 2011

1st Senior Advisory Board Organizational Meeting

How very exciting for me to attend the first Senior Advisory Board Organizational Meeting held at the Pool and Tennis Center on March 23.

Commissioners Jeff Green and Jamie Curran attended. Commissioner John Sims was in Tallahassee. Frank Casale, Executive Director of Schott Communities, and 18

year member of the Parks and Recreation Board and very long time member of the Optimists, also attended. Also attending were two very fine Cooper City High Seniors who were working on a special school project.

City Manager Bruce Loucks attended, David Wolpin, City Attorney; Lynda Good, Ass't Parks and Recreation Director and Ken Richardson, Parks and Recreation Director, who moderated the meeting until the Chair was chosen.

There were nine of the eleven Board Members present. One absentee was on a pre-arranged vacation. The Mayor has not made her second appointment so the board is short one member.

Noreen Gilman is Chair of the Board, Gail Jaffee is Vice Chair, and Sharon Taylor is the Secretary. Ms. Gilman got busy welcoming the members and then setting up the date for the April Meeting which will be Thursday, April 14 at 7
PM at the Pool and Tennis Center on Stonebridge Pkwy in Rock Creek.

I feel The Seniors of Cooper City are very fortunate to have this fine group of residents sitting on the Senior Advisory Board. The members were enthusiastic and ready to go to work so one can feel confidant that splendid ideas and results will come out of this very important Senior Advisory Board Group.

I wish them the greatest success in their endeavors on behalf of the Cooper City Seniors.

Gladys Wilson

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