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Broward Senior Hall of Fame

May is OLDER AMERICANS MONTH and isn't it lovely that the older residents are recognized and honored in the Month of May!

"The golden days of our lives should be celebrated with the respect and dignity merited by years of service and commitment toward building a beautiful America.

As pioneers of the past, today's seniors paved the paths
to preserve democracy. Many will be our Nation's
role models for the future. They are our heroes forever."

         Edith Schaffer Lederberg, author
         Executive Director, Areawide Council on Aging

This past Friday morning I had the honor and privilege to attend the Broward Senior Hall of Fame Breakfast at Diamante's Banquet Center. Eleven Broward County Seniors were inducted into the Senior Hall of Fame started by Dr. Nan S. Hutchison. This was the twenty-eighth Annual Installation Breakfast. I have been very fortunate in attending a number of them over the years. It is so very moving to see those seniors as they approached the podium to receive their honor for their volunteering in their Communities.

One inductee, Maria Thereza Mayo, used a walker to the podium. A tiny lady with beautiful white hair and a great voice. At 92 years young, she conducts the water aerobic class in her community EVERY day--seven days per week! What a wonderful spirit!

Cooper City's SHINE Volunteer(Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders), Bea Hedigan, was among the eleven who were inducted into this year's Hall of Fame. Bea could not attend, however, her beautiful granddaughter accepted for her. I know Bea was with us in spirit and I am very proud to know Bea and her great work with the Seniors in Cooper City.

Broward County Commissioner Lois Wexler was also inducted. I was very pleased to sit at her table with her, her daughter and friends. I have known Commissioner Wexler for many years during which she has helped me in my endeavors time and time again.

I have had Cooper City friends who were inducted into the Senior Hall of Fame:

1983 Phyllis Werner
1989 Constance J. Senatore
1985 Lillian Hargan
1995 Eleanor Locascio
2011 Bea Hedigan

"And when we see their pride in life
Portrayed by deeds that touch our lives,
Hearts beat in cadence to their march
Into Eternity's Hall of Fame!"

 Edith Schaffer Lederberg, author

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